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Carcasses Only

We are offering our 70 combined years of design, drawing & fabrication. Leave the technical, design and fabrication element to UK Creative Castings and continue with your own local trades people to complete. A very popular cost effective approach.

An all inclusive service

  • Timber treads, glass or metal balustrade, designed to your requirements
  • Self supporting, modern staircases, with no need for outdated newels and supporting posts
  • Standard designs can cut out costly site surveys
  • Delivery at cost

Installation experience

We offer a full design and fabrication services for those who wish to proceed to completion themselves or with local trades people. It could be the complete package or carcass only.

Step this way

By streamlining our process we’ve created a range of available, low cost, but high quality, staircases suitable for the private client or contractor.

Less costly than a unique design, and more cost effective than a refurbished staircase, our glass staircases give you freedom, flexibility and a very fair price.

Call us today for a chat with the experts. Or, you can download full technical information below.

Premium staircases

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