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There are a multitude of designs, sizes, applications and regulations regarding spiral staircases. Our objective is to supply the basic components to allow bespoke designs to be developed.

Laser cut treads

For staircases requiring the more modern touch, we illustrate two contrasting designs with more available, laser cutting offers total flexibility over the cast tread option with no additional pattern making expenses.

Cast spiral treads

Quatrefoil design, we cast the treads independently of the string and riser plates. This allows total flexibility regarding the riser height and the design of the laser cut string and riser plates. Balustrade can be as diverse as Victorian to modern metal to glass. Diameters are 1200 – 1500 – 1600 – 1750 – 2000 – 2500mm. Many of these sizes are also available in our Scroll design.

Inserted treads

As the Cast Quatrefoil data except that there is the facility to introduce timber, stone or glass inserts. Initially made for the 34 La Tasca Restaurants we completed.

Albion spiral

A traditional cast Victorian spiral staircase. Sizes 1200 – 1500 – 1800 – 2100mm dia. Clock and anticlockwise. We have a large selection of balusters available. Supplied in both cast iron and cast aluminium. We offer both design and technical support.

Choice of staircase designs